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I'm still fairly new to cybersecurity, returning to the field after 15+ years of not studying tools and techniques. I study every day now and learn new things all the time. is one way of I keep notes on things I learn, tools I discover, websites I use, and trainers I find valuable. My hope is I can turn this into the resource I would want if I were starting over again, and maybe give back to the security community in a manner which others will find useful.

While I'm figuring out just how to organize the wiki, I'll be changing things up a lot, adding content, and rewriting plenty of verbiage. But I'm still studying my online security courses, learning new tools, and finding new security-focused websites. And these are all things I want to share with others. So please, come along and join in on adding or editing information here. Due to spambots, I've already had to restrict new accounts to a request-account system, but it is still possible to edit pages without an account for the moment, so don't let account restrictions hold you back.

If you have any ideas at all for improving the wiki, please contact me by leaving a comment on my Talk page. And thank you for visiting!