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While reading about's Top 125 security tools, it occurred to me that I needed to set up an easily editable repository of security tools I learn about or discover while studying my security training materials or reading general security news online. I've got notes regarding many security tools scattered across multiple note-taking applications as I search for which tool suits me best. Rather than consolidate those notes to one application before I settle on the correct tool, I decided to set up a Wiki where I could put all the tools into a website. It is my hope others will benefit from and contribute to this as well.

Now I'm working on documenting and expounding on the following categories of security tools:

  • Free and Open-Source Software - Free and/or Open-Source tools for security work
  • Commercial software - Commercial tools used by security professionals
  • Tool Types - A listing of the various tool categories I've written up so far
  • Online Training sites - For video or textual instruction on security tools and techniques
  • YouTube Educators - A list of YouTube creators who publish useful security content
  • GitHub Resources - Listings of useful security-focused GitHub content I use peridically
  • Books - Teaching security topics for those who prefer reading to video learning or want to reinforce techniques learned online
  • Useful websites - Guides on using various tools and techniques listed elsewhere in this wiki
  • Distributions - Linux and other operating systems designed to be used by security professionals
  • Virtual Machines - A listing of virtual systems to use as attack machines, victim machines, or general security tools
  • Security frameworks - Collections of tools or security concepts
  • Glossary - Let's face it - CyberSecurity may have too many acronyms and internally-defined words. Here, we try to define some of them

MediaWiki has been installed.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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